Creator Marketing is the way forward



NICOYA’s All-In-One Creator Marketing solution is here to change the way you look at marketing!


  • Search & Discovery
    Best creator matches using advanced search filters.

  • Creator Vetting
    Detailed Creator Insights combined with Audience Demographics

  • Creator CRM
    Integrated Creator CRM to streamline all communication

  • Campaign Management
    Manage & Organise all campaign assets

  • Tracking & Reporting
    Detailed Performance Analysis and Real-Time Data Tracking

Communication is the key
for things to be on track and on time!

  • Centralized Communication to ensure you stay in touch with your creators and on top of all your campaign work.
  • Automated Reminders for you to always be 2 steps ahead of your deadlines.
  • Real-Time Support to make sure you always know we’ve got your back!

Pre Approved Content Only

  • Pre Approve all content drafts to ensure everything aligns with your brand vision and campaign moods.
  • Share Feedback on drafts to guide the creators in the right direction for a seamless collaboration.
  • Real-Time Support to make sure you always know we’ve got your back!

Data Powered Insights

  • Understand the complete breakdown of numbers behind the success of your campaigns.
  • Optimize your campaigns by understanding what worked for you and leave out what didn’t.
  • Get an In-Depth Analysis of your campaign on an Individual Creator level as well as an Overall Campaign level.